Eden Energy Medicine Workshop

Eden Energy Medicine Workshop

“It’s simple. When our energies are healthy and balanced, we feel
stronger, happier, and better able to handle whatever is
happening in our life.”
-Donna Eden

Day 1 Learn
• A simple 5-minute daily routine for more energy balance and flow in your life
• How to release emotional energy effortlessly
• Improve your body’s ability to detox
• Balance the meridians that influence our immune system and fight flight response
• Super charge your ability to rebalance energies that support health and vitality.

Day 2 Learn
• Energy testing techniques for ourselves and others
• We discover which foods are in alignment with our energies
• Different ways to manage pain
• How to protect our energies
• The Brazilian toe technique promoting deep relaxation

Day 1: October 21st
Day 2: November 4th
Scotstown CO Monaghan
• Choose day one only or both days
Facilitator Helen McCrarren clinical practitioner of Eden Medicine Mindfulness and EFT

To register
Tel 0874129385
Email helen@mindbodyenergymatters.ie
Website www.mindbodyenergymatters.ie
Facebook Mind Body Energy Matters
Cost 100 euros per class