Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling and Visioning


Creative Journaling is a method of journaling that combines words and images to explore thoughts and feeling.

Unlike traditional journaling, this type of journaling enables you to explore your emotions through a variety of expressive output. Whether it is free writing and free drawing or prompted journaling, tapping into this method will open your mind and allow you to flow in creativity.

Many have found this technique to promote inner healing through its holistic mental approach. Expressive Arts Therapy expert Lucia Capacchione says, “The Creative Journal Method is unique because it develops both sides of the brain: the rational, verbal left hemisphere and the artistic, intuitive right hemisphere.”

Everyone has a unique creative path and the results of creative journaling will differ from person to person.
Nearly everyone who participates in creative journaling finds it unlocks something within them; testimonies show that allowing themselves to flow in creativity opens doors to the way they experience life outwardly.

What is Visioning(R)

visioningVisioning®is the practice of setting your mind on your deepest dreams for your life. Each of us have been given an imagination; visioning is tapping into your ability to use it. Your creative vision should be meaningful to you and what you wish to experience in life.

Implementing creative visioning techniques will give you motivation for your future. “Awareness shifted my perception tremendously, and the visioning process developed as a way of applying that new insight,” says Dr. Michael Beckwith, the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center.

Visioning can combine ideas, dreams, and desires. Thinking through and creating your vision is just as important as the vision itself.

Creative journaling and visioning combined can have fantastic results. If you hope to achieve a more fluid creative process, using these tools will develop your capacity for imaginative expression and thought.

Visioning® is a method which helps you connect with your deepest dreams and desires. Using a supply of images, you browse through them until you come upon one that makes your heart “sing”.

It’s a way to connect your mind and heart together. To explore all the possibilities within yourself, from the inside out.

Creating an inner dialogue with your heart images allows you to pull on the hidden wisdom inside you. This way, you attract what you need, rather than going out and seeking the things you don’t—things you think you want, but aren’t actually essential for you.

Creative journaling and visioning is a great way to discover what’s inside your soul.

When using these techniques together, you create a pathway to better physical and mental health. CJEA is used successfully within the healthcare industry, and has especially proven successful among cancer survivors.

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