Introduction To Eden Energy Medicine Workshops (101/102)

Based on the work of Donna Eden these workshops will teach you valuable tools to work with your own energies and bring them into balance promoting health healing and vitality.

Master  the basics of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a fun, supportive environment, These two classes are straight forward, easy, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same.

Taught sequentially, EM101 and EM102 are each one-day classes that cover many easy to learn tool and techniques to help you feel and be your best.

EM101 introduces many topics that are important for self-care and healing. Learn a quick Daily Energy Routine (just over 5 minutes) that will have your energies humming in no time.

Discover  many  ways to feel more grounded and cantered   We will study the meridians and the meridian flow wheel with particular emphasis on  triple warmer and spleen , two meridians involved with stress and the immune system

EM102 picks up where EM101 leaves off and offers important techniques for moving energy, handling pain, and testing substances using energy testing. Using this cornerstone of EEM, you’ll learn how to dialogue with  your  body’s energies to determine energetic harmony before ingesting food and substances by using the Spleen Meridian energy test, as well as three easy ways to energy test yourself. Just like EM101, this class is full of practice, practice, practice, but it ends with each participant experiencing an EEM mini-session that balances and calms their energy.

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