History of Mindfulness

History of Mindfulness

The concept and practice of Mindfulness was originally a Buddhist idea. It was adopted by western psychologists.

Today it is a world-wide phenomenon.
Mindfulness is helping people of all races, religions and backgrounds to gain inner peace and a happier life.

Mindfulness means living in the moment and being aware of every possibility that life has to offer. It allows us to ‘wake up and smell the roses’ that is seeing things as they are. It helps us to separate the story we have in our head and recognise and be truly present to what is here and now Mindfulness is awakening yourself to all of your life. How many times have you missed out on joy and happiness because you were lost in worry about a past event or a future event that had not yet happened.

Mindfulness has been proven by scientists to help those who are having both emotional and physical problems. This is a fact, proven in very many studies.

Many doctors and psychologists now recommend Mindfulness training for their patients.