Personal Experience

Personal Experience

Helen at Mind Body Energy Matters is qualified in Mindfulness training. Here is her personal experience with Mindfulness.

“I came to mindfulness through my work in a Psychiatric Hospital. Research showed that the practice of Mindfulness can help prevent patients who suffered from depression from relapsing. I studied the works of John Kabat Zinns. I used some of the techniques from these works and began to practice mindfulness. This really helped me and I was less agitated and calmer. However, as I practiced it, the more I realised that I was often on autopilot and was not present in the moment. Mindfulness, over a short time, helped me to think in ways that placed me in the moment. It changed my thought patterns and I became more focused on the present.
I was so impressed, that I trained in mindfulness and gave patients courses in mindfulness where I worked. This helped people beat their depression, managing their emotional pain and even physical issues.”

I intend to be the most mindful I can be – and live in this moment.
My ambition is to help as many people as possible achieve a state of mindfulness.

Helen with John Kabat Zinn